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In 2020 I graduated as a Graphic Designer, at Mediacollege Amsterdam. I learned to set up concepts, develop them and design products such as posters, newspapers, (digital) magazines, billboards, product packaging, websites and apps. In the third year I spent a year on an internship at two media companies.

TOLO Food Festival (Year 4)

For the social campaign project we had to set up an event intended for tourists in Amsterdam. I started to research my chosen target group and set up the TOLO Food Festival campaign from there. I designed a logo, poster seriestram wrap and website deisgn. At TOLO Food Festival it is important that tourists come together with the local inhabitants of Amsterdam and share dishes from their culture together under the guise of a cozy food festival with performances and food trucks.


Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign


Website design

App prototype

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