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I am currently studying Fashion & Branding at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I'm in my 3/4 year now and learning about how to create a commercial fashion environment where the consumer experiences the brand and how to communicate the brand identity in different ways through a campaign.

Nostalgia (Year 2)

For a project in second grade, I teamed up with a classmate to create a concept for an existing brand. Namely, Pepe Jeans. The concept we created is called Pepe Jeans Nostalgia: Welcome to the Y2K Era. Here, we wanted to bring back the style of the 2000s and the good feeling of nostalgia. We came up with this idea because in the corona lockdown, we noticed that many people had a longing for the old days.The media expressions we delivered for this assignment included a poster series and a pop up store sketch. Everything that you see below was designed by me. 


Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp

Poster design

Pop Up Store concept

SketchUp environment

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