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When I started freelancing in 2019, I wanted to have a company name. After a lot of brainstorming I came up with NOL Designs, NOL are the initials of my full name (Nina Olivia Lippelt), of course this needed a logo so this was created while making a collage. NOL Designs is absolutely not a media agency but a personal brand that experiments with materials, design techniques and graphic design. I will release all my own work under this name.


My preference is digital design, but I also like to use analog techniques to experiment with painting, because I am interested in art. On the left you see an artwork that I made using the screen printing technique. On the right you see a collage I made from old bus posters. I gave the artwork a personal touch by painting my initials on it with a bright pink color, which is also my favorite color. Then I started

experimenting digitally by giving the artwork a pink color filter.

Screen printing technique

Collage experiment

Initial typography


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